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agitator in wastewater treatment

The agitator in wastewater treatment

The agitator in wastewater treatment should be chosen depending on the specific use and technology requirements. Different types of the impeller of agitator for wastewater treatment should be used for different conditions. Take a cost-effective one! The agitator mixers can be divided into six types in the water treatment industry: dissolving agitator mixer mixing agitator mixer flocculating agitator mixer clarifying tank agitator mixer digestion tank agitator mixer underwater agitator mixer Impeller types of agitator in wastewater treatment industry 1. Propeller impeller It is composed of 2-3 propeller blades with high working speed. The circumferential velocity of the outer edge of

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agitator impeller types

How to choose the agitator impeller types?

The most common way to choose the agitator impeller types The most common way to choose the agitator impeller types is according to the liquid viscosity of the medium. Because the viscosity of the liquid has a great impact on the mixing state and speed. Various kinds of agitators with the increase of viscosity were followed by propulsion turbine type, slurry anchor type, and screw belt type. Low speed is used for large volumes of liquid and high speed for small volumes of liquid. Most commonly used agitator impeller types Several typical agitator impellers have different application ranges depending on

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tank agitator mixer CD

Fermentation tank agitator mixer maintenance tips

The application of fermentation tank agitator mixer The fermentation tank agitator mixer is widely used in industries, such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and so on. List of fermentation tank agitator mixer maintenance tips In case of air leakage at the joint of the inlet pipe and outlet pipe, we should tighten the pipe joint first. When screwing of the joint does not solve the problem, then we should add or replace the packing. The pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly if there is a fault to replace or repair in time. When cleaning the fermentation

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industrial liquid mixer

Industrial liquid mixer

The functions of industrial liquid mixer The function of industrial liquid mixer agitator is to force the liquid to flow inside the agitator, so as to cause the components in the agitator to disperse and mix with each other. The agitator adds energy to the liquid to force it to flow. The functions of industrial liquid mixer as following: Liquid mixing agitator can enhance the transfer of substances and increase the speed of chemical reaction. Mixing can make liquid materials mix with each other and contact fully, so as to improve the mass transfer rate and reaction rate. Liquid mixing

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industrial agitator mixer

Liquid mixing agitator mixer

Introduction of liquid mixing agitator mixer Agitation refers to two or more kinds of materials in the flow of mutual dispersion phase solution.  Achieving a uniform mixing operation. The liquid mixing agitator mixer stirring operation is divided into two kinds. One is airflow stirring. The other is mechanical stirring. Airflow agitation is to make the gas bubble through the liquid layer. Driving the liquid by the rising action. Producing convection circulation. And mechanical agitation mixing liquid by manual or machine such as an agitator mixer. Compared with mechanical agitation. The effect of airflow agitation on liquid stirred only by bubbles

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