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How to choose the agitator impeller types?

(Last Updated On: 09/27/2020)

The most common way to choose the agitator impeller types

The most common way to choose the agitator impeller types is according to the liquid viscosity of the medium. Because the viscosity of the liquid has a great impact on the mixing state and speed. Various kinds of agitators with the increase of viscosity were followed by propulsion turbine type, slurry anchor type, and screw belt type. Low speed is used for large volumes of liquid and high speed for small volumes of liquid.

Most commonly used agitator impeller types

Several typical agitator impellers have different application ranges depending on the viscosity. With the increase of viscosity, the following types of agitator impeller types are used: propeller type, turbine type, slurry type, anchor type, and spiral belt type. For propeller-type agitator, the low-speed agitator mixer is used for large capacity liquid and the high-speed agitator mixer is used for small volume liquid.

This way of selection does not absolutely rule out the restrictions on the use of slurry types. In practice, the application range of various types of slurries is stacked. For example, due to its simple structure and the use of baffles can improve the flow pattern. It is also widely used at a low viscosity. Due to its strong convective circulation ability, turbulent diffusion, and shear force. The vortex type agitator impeller is the most widely.

Agitator impeller types are classified according to the following:

1. According to the shape of impeller

According to the shape of the agitator impeller. It divided into four kinds. Flat blades, inclined (folded) blade, curved blade, and spiral blade agitator. The paddle and turbine agitators have flat and inclined blades. While the impellers, screw impellers, and spiral ribbon impellers are of the helical structure. According to the device request, it divided into integral types and split types. It is convenient to fix the mixer directly on the mixing shaft without removing the coupling and other parts.

2. According to the use of impeller

According to the uses of the agitator impeller. it divided into two kinds. One is the agitator impeller for low viscosity fluid. The other is the agitator impeller for high viscosity fluid. The agitator impellers used for low viscosity fluid include many types. Such as propeller type, slurry type, open turbine type, disc turbine type, plate and frame pulp type, three-leaf after finishing type, etc. Agitator impellers for high viscosity fluid include many kinds too. Such as anchor type, frame type, serrated disc type, screw pulp type, spiral belt type, etc

2. According to the fluid activity pattern

 It divided into the axial flow agitator impeller and radial flow agitator impeller according to the fluid flow pattern. When some agitator impellers are running. The fluid not only produces axial flow but also produces radial flow. It is called mixed-flow agitator mixers. The agitator impeller is the representative of the axial flow pattern. The flat blade disk turbine agitator impeller is the representative of the radial flow pattern. And the inclined blade turbine agitator impeller is the representative of the mixed flow pattern.

agitator impeller types

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