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Agitator for wastewater treatment


Description of agitator for wastewater treatment

Agitator mixers are widely used in water purification, industrial sewage treatment, domestic sewage treatment, tap-water purification, and other water treatment industries. The main equipment with agitator for the wastewater treatment process includes dissolving agitator mixer, mixing agitator mixer, flocculation agitator mixer, clarifier agitator, digestion tank agitator, etc. The purpose of the agitator for wastewater treatment is to create certain hydraulic conditions to make all colloidal particles complete the flocculation process in the shortest time. So as to achieve the best flocculation effect.

agitator for wastewater treatment

Features and application of agitator for wastewater treatment

The role of agitator in the wastewater treatment industry process

Agitator mixers for coagulation and sedimentation of sewage treatment can reach a certain mixing strength within the required mixing time. And it can meet the requirements of fast, uniform, and sufficient mixing speed. The coagulation and sedimentation mixing device for sewage treatment is mainly composed of five parts. The transmission device, working bridge, transmission shaft, impeller, bottom bearing. When the raw water and coagulant or coagulant aid liquid flow through the mixing tank. The flow cycle will be generated under the action of the discharge of the agitator. So that the coagulant and water can be quickly and fully mixed to meet the requirements of the coagulation process. The coagulation and sedimentation mixing device for sewage treatment has many advantages. Such as small head loss, adaptability to water change, and wide application.

The main equipment with agitator for the wastewater treatment process

The dissolving and mixing device is an indispensable process. However, most of the existing dissolving devices for sewage treatment are of an integral structure. Which is inconvenient to disassemble and clean. Similarly, in the process of mixing wastewater with chemicals. Some residues or drugs will remain on the surface of the tank body. If it is not convenient for operation and cleaning. It will affect the later use. Therefore, it is necessary to use dissolving agitator mixers to solve the problem.

The flocculation agitator mixer is suitable for stirring in the reaction stage of the coagulation process of the water supply and drainage treatment process. The flocculation tank is generally divided into three stages. The mixing intensity of each stage decreases and the linear speed at the center of the agitator blade decreases step by step. The agitator mixer can meet the requirements of flocculation law. And it can make each section have different mixing intensity in the flocculation process.

The coagulation process of water and wastewater includes three stages.  The mixing of water and medicament, reaction and separation of flocs and water.  Clarifier agitator is special equipment to complete the above three processes.

The impeller of the agitator in the mixing tank should avoid the impact of the inlet and outlet water flow. and it should form a good upper and lower circulation of the water body. Within the specified residence time, the number of water circulation should not be less than 1.5 times. So as to achieve the function of rapid and uniform mixing.

Different Industrial Agitator Mixeres


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