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How to clean the agitator mixer equipment?

(Last Updated On: 01/21/2022)

The agitator mixer equipment should be cleaned after use, but it will be difficult to clean. If it is not cleaned, it will have a great impact on the equipment and affect the subsequent normal use of the equipment.

Steps for cleaning the agitator mixer equipment

  1. When cleaning the agitator mixer equipment, we need to adjust the tension of the tape machine.
  2. If the equipment is not easy to clean, the equipment shall be debugged first. During commissioning, it is necessary to let the tape machine run to see if there is deviation.  Because if there is deviation, it is difficult for the equipment to clean materials.
  3. In addition, after the equipment stops running.  It is necessary to remove excess materials from the equipment as much as possible. Then, when the equipment stops running, it is necessary to shut down all systems first. And then open the two rubber sidewalls of the agitator mixer equipment to discharge some residual materials.
  4. When the equipment starts running, it is necessary to start the equipment for a period of time. And then slowly input the materials into the equipment for mixing. After almost one turn, you can officially start mixing.

The above-described solution is that it is not easy to clean the agitator. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to control the feeding not frequently, or the size of materials during feeding, which is very beneficial to the cleaning after equipment operation.

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