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(Last Updated On: 10/14/2021)
QDT Series Submersible Mixer

QDT Series Submersible Mixer

QDT series submersible mixer is a low-speed push flow mixer. QDT series submersible mixers are widely used in the process of water treatment in oxidation ditch and various biochemical tanks, and can also be used for river freezing and landscape water circulation. The low-speed push flow mixer is composed of a submersible motor, reducer, impeller, and installation system. 


QDT series submersible mixer is characterized by small power (1.5-9kw), low speed (34-85r / min), large blade diameter (1100-3000mm), large volume flow field, and wide service range. Designed with a swept-back impeller like banana, it has a self-cleaning function. QDT series submersible mixer is made of polyurethane or reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastics. It has the advantages of a light-weight, high strength, and corrosion-resistant. It has the excellent hydraulic performance to ensure a good damping effect with liquid under a low-speed motion state, so as to create a soft water flow. This series of products not only have the function of pushing and creating water flow but also has the function of stirring.


QDT series submersible mixer structure



QDT series submersible mixers are mainly used for mixing, stirring, and circulating in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. It can also be used as a flow pushing device for landscape water circulation, which can create water flow by mixing and effectively prevent suspended solids from settling.

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