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biogas industrial agitator mixer


Biogas industrial agitator mixer

Biogas fermentation, also known as anaerobic digestion or anaerobic fermentation. it refers to the process in which organic substances (such as human, livestock and poultry manure, straw, weeds, etc.) are decomposed and metabolized by various microorganisms under certain moisture, temperature, and anaerobic conditions, and finally form combustible mixed gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.

There are two commonly used biogas fermentation processes: One is CSTR anaerobic fermentation process, which mostly using top entry agitator mixers. The other is USR up-flow anaerobic fermentation process, which usually use side entry agitator mixers.

Function of agitatoar mixer

The key unit of biogas fermentation process is anaerobic fermentation tank, and the core component of anaerobic fermentation tank is tank agitator mixer equipment. The mixing effect is directly related to gas production and benefit。

Biogas industrial agitators mixers are widely used in environmental protection and biogas fermentation, which can achieve good heat transfer, uniform mixing and effective prevention of deposition. It has the characteristics of low investment, low power consumption, high mixing efficiency and convenient operation. The agitator makes the fermentation raw materials and the biogas microorganisms fully mix and evenly contact, so that the microorganisms can eat enough to ensure normal fermentation, increase the gas production rate, and prevent the materials from encrusting and sedimenting.

In the anaerobic digestion process, the tank agitator mixer is the most important equipment. The agitator mixers can effectively solve the problems, such as mass transfer difficulties, uneven physical, chemical and biological properties which were caused by the inability to actually contact between microorganisms and degradable organics.  Thereby improving the performance of the biogas reactor  tank and improving anaerobic digested biogas production. 


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