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How to select the side-mounted agitator?

(Last Updated On: 01/21/2022)

The working model of the side-mounted agitator is special. And the mixing materials also have certain particularity. The factors such as mixing form, power, and speed should be considered when designing. The power consumption should be reduced on the basis of ensuring sufficient material mixing. Therefore, the following precautions should be considered in the design:

Determine the mixing purpose of the side-mounted agitator

Different mixing purposes include:

  • liquid-liquid mixing
  • solid-liquid suspension
  • gas-liquid or liquid-liquid dispersion

At the same time, different stirring processes should be considered. Such as heat transfer, absorption, extraction, dissolution, crystallization, etc. The type of impeller paddle is selected according to the mixing purpose and process characteristics.

Calculation of mixing power

The mixing power is the power required during the mixing process.

Reference formula: Mixing power = power standard * liquid density * 3rd power of revolutions * 5th power of the impeller diameter.

The calculation of power criterion is complex. It is related to tank diameter, impeller diameter, blade width, angle, number and layers of the impeller, viscosity, number of baffles, and baffles size.

Select the motor power of the side-mounted agitator

Considering the efficiency, the calculated value shall be greater than or equal to 1.5 times the mixing power.

Minimum rotate speed

Determination of the minimum mixing speed: this speed is the minimum speed to meet the mixing purpose, not the critical speed of the mixing shaft.

Agitator shaft and impeller

Select and check the stiffness and strength of the mixing shaft and propeller according to power.

How to select the reducer

The service factor and bearing capacity of the reducer shall also be considered when the reducer is equipped.

Different support of side-mounted agitator

If the mixing shaft is too long,  we consider adding support. And choose middle support or bottom support.

Design of mechanical seal

The design of the pedestal and the sealing form (packing or mechanical seal) shall be selected for the side-mounted agitator.

structure of side entry agitator for FGD absorber

The design precautions of the side-mounted agitator can effectively improve the durability of the equipment, and designing a reasonable structure can improve our work efficiency.


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