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(Last Updated On: 10/14/2021)

QJB Series Submersible Mixer

QJB series submersible mixer is the key equipment in the water treatment process. It can achieve the requirements of homogenization and flow of solid-liquid two-phase flow and solid-liquid-gas three-phase flow in the biochemical process. The submersible mixer is of the direct-connected structure, it is composed of submersible motor, impeller, and installation system. The submersible mixer has the advantages of compact structure, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance. The impeller has high precision and large thrust through investment casting or stamping. Impeller adopts a simple and beautiful streamline and has an anti-twining function. QJB series submersible mixers are suitable for solid-liquid  mixing solutions.


QJB series submersible mixer is a type of energy-saving product, adopting a motor of 4P and high efficiency- integrated reducer structure, which can save energy more than 15%.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the submersible mixer, please make the correct selection of the operating environment and the working mode.

  1. The highest temperature of the medium shall be less than 40℃.
  2. The scope of PH value of the medium is 5 to 9.
  3. The density of the medium shall not more than 1150kg/m³.
  4. The depth of the submersion shall not exceed 20 m.

The submersible mixer must be submerged completely in the water and can not operate in the inflammable. explosive, highly corrosive, and high-temperature environment. We can provide special designs for users with the requirements of special environment.



Submersible mixer structure



The submersible mixers are mainly used for mixing and making ring flows in the processes of municipal and industrial sewage treatment. It can also be used as a flow pushing device for landscape water circulation, which can create water flow by mixing and effectively organize the settlement of suspended solids.

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