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(Last Updated On: 10/14/2021)

High-shear mixer

For materials that are difficult to mix or dissolve, or with large viscosity differences, it is difficult to meet the requirements by using ordinary mixing equipment. In order to improve the mixing effect, shorten the mixing cycle time, reduce the total energy consumption and improve the end product quality. We should use the new high-efficiency and high-shear mixer machine. The high-shear mixer can not only meet the requirements in suspension, dispersion, dissolution, emulsification. But also grind the solid particles in the material in the mixing process.


Structural features and working principle

The end of the high shear mixer is composed of a closely matched rotor and a stator. The rotor is equipped with a plurality of blades with a rotating speed of 1000 to 3000 r/min or even higher. The stator package is fixed outside the rotor, and many holes are opened on it. When the rotor rotates at high speed,  the material is sucked from the bottom of the mixing container. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the material moves towards the edge of the blade, ejects at high speed from the opening of the stator and returns to the mixture. And then returns to the rotor area, which is sucked in by the rotor, and circulates repeatedly. So that the material can be fully mixed and stirred.

Shaft Propeller

According to different mixing purposes, one or more propellers can also be installed on the rotating shaft to increase circulation and generate eddy currents in the materials. So as to mix the light solids floating on the liquid level into the mixed materials.

high-shear mixer shaft propeller

High-shear mixer working process steps


The strong centrifugal force of the high shear mixer throws the material from the radial into the narrow and precise gap between the stator and rotor. At the same time, the material is initially dispersed and emulsified by centrifugal extrusion and impact forces.


The high shear agitator can produce a linear speed of at least 15m / s ( up to 40m / s) at the outer end of the rotor. Forms strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, liquid layer friction, impact, and tear.


The materials can be fully dispersed, emulsified, homogenized and broken, and ejected through the stator slot at the same time. The material is continuously ejected from the radial direction at a high speed. Changing the flow direction under the resistance of the material itself and the container wall. 


At the same time, under the action of the upper and lower axial suction force generated in the rotor area. The upper and lower strong overturning surge flows are formed. After several cycles, the materials finally complete the process of dispersion, emulsification and homogenization.


The high-shear mixer is composed of the motor, connecting flange, mixing shaft, supporting shafts, paddle, rotor, and stator.

high shear agitator mixer

Model & Dimensions

dimensions of high shear mixer
model of high shear mixer
table dimensions of high shear mixer


Due to the mechanical shear force between the high-speed rotor and the stator, the high-shear mixer can reduce the size of solid particles in the mixed material. Brittle solids, elastomers, and plastics can be ground or broken. For finely ground dyes and pigments, agglomeration will occur due to packaging, transportation, and stacking, as well as static electricity and humidity. After treatment by this machine, it can quickly loosen the agglomeration.

Because the high shear mixer has the function of jet shear, the efficiency of mixing and stirring is greatly improved, so the solubility is improved.

Some materials, such as rubber, will agglomerate when adding solvent, which makes it difficult to dissolve, while the machine can quickly break these agglomerates through mechanical shear, greatly improving the dissolution rate.

Another problem encountered in the dissolution of many materials is that there is a concentration gradient on the surface adjacent to the solid phase, which seriously limits the activity of the solvent closest to the solid phase and reduces the speed of the dissolved materials returning to the more diluted area of the solution. Jet shear can reduce the boundary layer and make the material dissolve rapidly. This effect can be seen not only in the preparation of viscous materials but also in the dilution of viscous syrup.

Due to the large injection volume of the modified machine, more fluid can be circulated at the same time as the conventional mixing machine. Therefore, the machine not only has a high shear rate but also has a high circulation volume. So as to accelerate the dispersion of materials.

Due to the high-speed jet shear, it has a strong tearing effect on the material, which can quickly reduce the size of the droplet to a very fine level. In the continuous shear and tear of the liquid, the emulsification can be realized quickly.


Syrup, shampoo, washing liquid, juice concentrate, yogurt, dessert, mixed dairy products, ink, enamel.

Dispersion and mixing: Methyl cellulose dissolution, colloid dissolution, carbide dissolution, oil-water emulsification, premixing, seasoning production, stabilizer dissolution, smoke, salt, alumina and pesticide.

Dispersion: Preparation and depolymerization of suspension, pill coating, drug depolymerization, dispersing, lipstick, vegetable soup, mustard mixture, catalyst, matting agent, metal, pigment, modified asphalt, and nanomaterials.

Pharmaceutical emulsion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, homogenate, homogenized dairy products, fruit juice, printed ink, and jam.

Emulsification: Pharmaceutical emulsion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, emulsified essence, emulsified oil, emulsified asphalt, resin emulsification, wax emulsification, waterborne polyurethane emulsification, pesticide.

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