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Fermentation industrial agitator mixer


Description of fermentation industrial agitator mixer

Agitator mixeres are essential and important device in the biological fermentation tanks. In the biological fermentation tank, different types of agitators are selected to meet the requirements of gas-liquid dispersion, solid-liquid suspension, mixing and heat transfer in each region of the tank. So as to improve the fermentation output and reduce energy consumption. Fermentation industrial agitator mixer produced by our factory are widely used in starch sugar, polyol, yeast, amino acid, lactic acid and other biological fermentation processes.

Fermentation industrial agitator mixers

Features and application of fermentation industrial agitator mixer

Agitator mixers are widely used in the fermentation processes of starch sugar, polyol, yeast, amino acid, lactic acid, citric acid, enzyme preparation, etc. The agitator is mainly used in the following tanks: fermentation tank, seed tank, batching tank, storage tank, extraction tank, crystallization tank.

Generally, axial flow and radial flow combined agitators are used in the fermentation tank. This kind of agitator can not only ensure good shear dissolved oxygen capacity. but it can also improve the overall mixing effect, lower energy consumption, and higher efficiency.

Commonly used impeller type: CBY, KCX, KSK, BTD

The extraction tank generally adopts a special agitator for fast mixing. It can greatly improve the mixing effect and speed up the reaction.

Commonly used impeller type: CBY, HJ, XJ, YCK, XCK

The special mixer for solid-liquid mixing is commonly used in the batching tank. It can prevent the material from settling at the bottom of the tank, and it can also make the material evenly suspended.

Commonly used impeller type: CBY, FJ, HJ, XJ, YCK, XCK

Generally, the agitator with low speed and large diameter is used in the crystallization tank. This agitator can reduce the damage of shear on crystal, prevent crystallization precipitation, and promote uniform crystallization. 

Commonly used impeller type: CBY, HJ,  YCK, XCK, KS

Different Industrial Agitator Mixeres


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