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chemical industrial agitator mixer


Description of chemical industrial agitator mixer

Chemical industrial agitator mixer is widely used in oil, petroleum asphalt, fertilizer raw materials, synthetic rubber fiber, paraffin, various chemical raw materials, and polymer, etc. Various chemical production processes use agitator mixers. The type of agitator mixer should be designed according to different mixing materials with different characteristics and different mixing purposes. Since different agitators suit different mixing purposes, we will choose the corresponding agitator mixer according to the different processes in the chemical industry.

chemical industrial agitator mixer

Features and application of chemical industrial agitator mixer

Liquid mixing agitator equipment is used as a reactor on many occasions. All kinds of chemical changes in the chemical process are based on the sufficient mixing of reactants. For the physical changes such as heating, cooling, liquid extraction, and gas absorption, stirring operation is often used to obtain good results.

Agitator mixers are widely used in various chemical raw materials and polymer industries. Tanks requiring agitators include batching tank, storage tank, polymerizer, etc. The main function of agitator mixers is mixing, dissolution, conduct heat, preparation of suspension, polymerization, and preparation of the catalyst.

Our design concept is to ensure the effective mixing of materials, the least power consumption, the lowest cost, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.

Generally, the batching tank adopts the special mixer for solid-liquid mixing. Prevent the bottom of the tank from sedimentation.  So that the material is evenly suspended.

Commonly used impeller type: CBY、HQ、XJ

The requirement of agitators in the storage tank is not high. As long as the basic mixing state is ensured. There is no stratification or precipitation.

Commonly used impeller type: CBY、HQ、XJ

According to the characteristics of different materials and the change of materials in the whole reaction process. Different agitators are selected for polymerization reactors. Most of them are equipped with frequency converters to adjust the speed.

Commonly used impeller type: CBY、HJ、XJ、KS、ACJ、QJ

Different Industrial Agitator Mixeres


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