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Agitator of enamel reactor: measures to reduce vibration

(Last Updated On: 01/20/2022)

The agitator of enamel reactor is easy to leak due to vibration. If the mixing shaft has strong vibration. It will lead to serious wear of sealing filler and filler abrasive particles falling into the reactor. Which not only affects the product quality but also pollutes the working environment.

Factors related to vibration for agitator of enamel reactor

The shape, size, and deformation of the agitator. The shape and size of the reactor.  The liquid movement in the reactor. Among them, the eddy current generated by the relative motion between the agitator blade and the medium causes the vibration of the agitator.

The analysis shows that the main reason for the strong vibration of the agitator is that the actual working speed is close to the critical speed. Due to the limitation of process conditions, it is difficult to change the actual speed of the agitator mixer. So the measure of installing a damping block on the mixing shaft is taken.

Measures to reducer vibration

A stabilizing device is designed on the agitator shaft to reduce the vibration. The stabilizing device is located in the cylindrical rotating area of the liquid center in the kettle.  And it rotates together with the surrounding liquid to play a certain damping role. So as to reduce the liquid turbulence around the rotating parts. And play a damping role.

Size and installation position of damping block

In order to have a vibration reduction effect in any direction, the direction of the vibration reduction plate is selected through the test and installed perpendicular to the blade direction.

Damping effect of damping block in agitator of enamel reactor

After several months of use, it has been proved that the damping block has a good damping effect. Which greatly reduces the wear of the packing, improves the product quality, enhances the sealing performance of the stuffing box, and greatly improves the working environment. Compared with other damping methods, the damping block has the advantages of low cost and simple operation.

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