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How to choose the type of impeller

(Last Updated On: 05/11/2020)

The most widely used impeller types in agitators are paddle impeller, propeller, turbine impeller and anchor impeller, accounting about 75-80% of the total.

Here describes the applicable conditions of the above four kind of impellers:

1.  Paddle impeller are used in liquid-liquid system mixing to prevent separation and make the temperature uniform in the tank;  and in solid-liquid system mixing, paddle impeller are mostly used to prevent solid settlement.

2. The propeller is mainly used in the medium of low viscosity and large flow. Propeller can use small mixing power to achieve good mixing effect.

3. The turbine impeller has large shear force, which can make the fluid micro cluster disperse very fine. It is suitable for the mixing of low viscosity and medium viscosity fluid, as well liquid-liquid dispersion and liquid-solid suspension.





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