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Industrial liquid mixer

(Last Updated On: 10/14/2020)

The functions of industrial liquid mixer

The function of industrial liquid mixer agitator is to force the liquid to flow inside the agitator, so as to cause the components in the agitator to disperse and mix with each other. The agitator adds energy to the liquid to force it to flow.

The functions of industrial liquid mixer as following:

  • Liquid mixing agitator can enhance the transfer of substances and increase the speed of chemical reaction. Mixing can make liquid materials mix with each other and contact fully, so as to improve the mass transfer rate and reaction rate.

  • Liquid mixing agitator can enhance the heat transfer process and prevent local overheating or overcooling.

  • Liquid mixing agitator can effectively prepare the mixture. Agitator can make two or more mutually soluble liquids to form a mixture. Can also make the non-mutually soluble liquid to achieve uniform mixing. And can also make liquid and solid particles into suspension and emulsion.

In chemical production, there are often several cases that need to install liquid mixing agitator to achieve.

Application of industrail liquid mixer

1.Homogeneous liquid mixing.

That is mixing the mutually soluble liquid. The molecular scale uniformity is achieved as far as possible through the agitator. 

2.Heterogeneous liquid mixing 

It is the mixing of two mutually insoluble liquids . 0ne phase is uniformly dispersed into the other phase in the form of tiny droplets. For example, the emulsification process is often encountered in the food industry. Through the agitator, the first liquid phase is dispersed in the second liquid phase in the form of  small  droplets. To form a stable mixture. 

3.industrial liquid mixer widely used in Solid-liquid mixing

The solid particles are suspended in the liquid. For example, in the liquid phase reaction with solid as catalyst. The agitator can prevent the solid settling .The agitator can provide the mass transfer environment needed for the reaction.

4.industrial liquid mixer used for gas-liquid mixing

In industrial operations, large bubbles are broken into tiny bubbles and evenly dispersed throughout the liquid phase. To increase the contact surface of atmospheric liquid.

5.To enhance the heat transfer between fluid and device wall

The fluid at the device wall should have enough flow rate. The medium and device wall surface have a greater heat transfer coefficient through the installation of liquid agitator.

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