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Fermentation tank agitator mixer maintenance tips

(Last Updated On: 09/26/2020)

The application of fermentation tank agitator mixer

The fermentation tank agitator mixer is widely used in industries, such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and so on.

List of fermentation tank agitator mixer maintenance tips

  • In case of air leakage at the joint of the inlet pipe and outlet pipe, we should tighten the pipe joint first. When screwing of the joint does not solve the problem, then we should add or replace the packing.
  • The pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly if there is a fault to replace or repair in time.
  • When cleaning the fermentation tank scrub with a soft brush, not a hard brush. In order to avoid damage to the surface of the tank agitator.
  • Supporting instruments should be checked once a year to ensure normal use.
  • Electrical equipment, such as electrical instruments and sensors, is strictly prohibited from direct contact with water and steam to prevent moisture.
  • When the fermentation tank agitator mixer is out of use, it should be cleaned in time. Drain the remaining water from the tank and each pipe. Loosen the fermentable jar cover and handhole screws to prevent permanent deformation of the seal ring.
  • The operation platform, thermostat water tank, and other carbon steel equipment should be painted regularly (once a year) to prevent corrosion.
  • Check the reducer oil level frequently, if the lubricating oil is not enough, it should be increased in time.
  • Replace agitator reducer lubricating oil regularly to extend its service life.
  • If the fermentation tank agitator mixer is not used for the time being, the agitator needs to be emptied. And then drain the remaining water in the tank and in the pipes.


fermentation tank agitator mixer

Reduce the device in the tank

The structure of the mechanical agitator mixer for anaerobic fermentation can be simple. The requirements for this type of fermentation tank are: Can be closed. It is able to work under pressure. Have cooling equipment. Reduce the device in the tank as much as possible, eliminate dead corners, easy to clean, and sterilize.

Do not pump into expensive sterile air

Alcohol and beer are both products of anaerobic fermentation. Fermenters do not need to be pumped into expensive sterile air. In the equipment amplification, manufacturing, and operation, it is much simpler than the fermentation equipment.

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