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QDT Series Submersible Mixer

QDT series submersible mixer

QDT Series Submersible Mixer QDT series submersible mixer is a low-speed push flow mixer. QDT series submersible mixers are widely used in the process of water treatment in oxidation ditch and various biochemical tanks, and can also be used for river freezing and landscape water circulation. The low-speed push flow mixer is composed of a submersible motor, reducer, impeller, and installation system.  Request A Quotation Description QDT series submersible mixer is characterized by small powe

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Submersible Mixer

QJB Series Submersible Mixer

Previous Next QJB Series Submersible Mixer QJB series submersible mixer is the key equipment in the water treatment process. It can achieve the requirements of homogenization and flow of solid-liquid two-phase flow and solid-liquid-gas three-phase flow in the biochemical process. The submersible mixer is of the direct-connected structure, it is composed of submersible motor, impeller, and installation system. The submersible mixer has the advantages of compact structure, low energy consumption,

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