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The agitator in wastewater treatment

(Last Updated On: 10/16/2020)

The agitator in wastewater treatment should be chosen depending on the specific use and technology requirements. Different types of the impeller of agitator for wastewater treatment should be used for different conditions. Take a cost-effective one! The agitator mixers can be divided into six types in the water treatment industry:

  1. dissolving agitator mixer
  2. mixing agitator mixer
  3. flocculating agitator mixer
  4. clarifying tank agitator mixer
  5. digestion tank agitator mixer
  6. underwater agitator mixer

Impeller types of agitator in wastewater treatment industry

1. Propeller impeller

It is composed of 2-3 propeller blades with high working speed. The circumferential velocity of the outer edge of the blades is generally 5-15m / s. The propeller agitator mainly causes the axial flow and produces a large amount of circulation. It is suitable for mixing low viscosity (< 2Pa· s) medium, emulsion, and suspension with less than 10% solid particles. The rotating shaft of the agitator can also be inserted into the tank horizontally or obliquely. At this time, the circulation circuit of liquid flow is asymmetric, can increase the turbulent prevent the liquid surface sag.

2. Turbine impeller

It consists of two or four straight or curved blades. and it installed on a horizontal disc. The ratio of blade outer diameter, width, and height is 20:5:4 generally.  and the circumferential velocity is generally 3-8m / s. The highly turbulent radial flow caused by turbine rotation is suitable for the dispersion of gas and immiscible liquid and liquid-liquid reaction process. The viscosity of the stirred liquid is generally less than 25 Pa · s.

3. Paddle impeller of agitator in wastewater treatment

There are two types of flat paddle and inclined paddle. The flat paddle agitator impeller consists of two flat blades. The ratio of blade diameter to height is 4~10, and the circumferential velocity is 1.5~3m/s. The two blades of the inclined paddle agitator impeller are reversed by 45 ° or 60 ° to produce axial flow. The paddle agitator structure is simple, often used in low viscosity fluid mixed and dissolved and suspended solid particles.

4 Anchor agitator impeller of agitator in wastewater treatment

The shape of the outer edge of the blade should be the same as that of the inner wall of the tank. There is only a small gap between them. It can remove the vicious reaction product attached to the tank wall. It also can remove solid accumulation on the bottom of the channel. so as to maintain a good heat transfer effect. The peripheral velocity of the blade is 0.5~1.5m/s. It can be used for mixing Newtonian fluids and quasi-plastic fluids with a viscosity up to 200Pa·s .(see the viscous fluid flow. Only when the high viscosity liquid is stirred, there is a large stagnation zone in the liquid layer.)

5. Helical ribbon impeller

The outer diameter of the ribbon is equal to the pitch of the screw. It is specially used for mixing high viscosity liquid (200~500Pa·s) and pseudoplastic fluids.It is usually operated in laminar flow state.

agitator for wastewater treatment

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