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Liquid mixing agitator mixer

(Last Updated On: 09/12/2020)

Introduction of liquid mixing agitator mixer

Agitation refers to two or more kinds of materials in the flow of mutual dispersion phase solution.  Achieving a uniform mixing operation. The liquid mixing agitator mixer stirring operation is divided into two kinds. One is airflow stirring. The other is mechanical stirring. Airflow agitation is to make the gas bubble through the liquid layer. Driving the liquid by the rising action. Producing convection circulation. And mechanical agitation mixing liquid by manual or machine such as an agitator mixer. Compared with mechanical agitation. The effect of airflow agitation on liquid stirred only by bubbles is relatively weak. And it is even more difficult to make liquid with high viscosity. However, because there are no moving parts. It is more convenient to stir the corrosive liquid.  and it suits reactive liquid under high temperature and pressure conditions.

Mixing refers to the process of making two or more kinds of materials to reach a relatively uniform state by stirring or other operations. Mixing is one of the indispensable unit operations in agricultural production. Liquid mixing agitator mixers are widely used in these operations. Industrial processing and other related industries. Examples include the preparation of beverages, dairy products, seasonings, and mixing to promote dissolution, leaching, crystallization, biochemical reactions, and uniform heating and cooling.

Purpose of agitation

The liquid mixing agitator mixer makes two or more materials circulate in a certain way.  The materials are spread among each other. The non-uniform state of each material reaches a relatively uniform state. Agitation can be either an independent fluid mechanics category of unit operation,  the main purpose is promoting mixing; And it is often the necessary means to complete other unit operations,  it can promote heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reaction as the main purpose.

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