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Characteristics and application of anchor impeller

(Last Updated On: 05/05/2020)

1. Characteristics of anchor impeller

  • Firstly, the anchor impeller of agitator has the advantages.  simple structure and reliable operation, as well no blockage and easy maintenance.
  • Secondly, the anchor impeller can meet the requirements of flocculation law. That is to say each section of flocculation process with different mixing intensity,  it can adapt to the change of water volume and water temperature.
  • Thirdly, when the anchor impeller of agitator set with stepless speed regulation, meanwhile the mixing intensity can adjust according to the change of water volume, raw water turbidity and dosage. as a result it can achieve satisfactory flocculation effect,  and it can save dosage.

2. Four types of anchor impeller

anchor impeller

3. Application of anchor impeller

The anchor impeller agitator mainly use in industries. such as dissolving and flocculating mixing of chemicals in water supply plant, sewage treatment plant and other water treatment plants.

4. Working process of anchor impeller.

When the mixing liquid of raw water and coagulant or coagulant aid flows through the sedimentation tank,.after that anchor impeller will generate flow circulation,  under the effect of liquid discharge of the agitator equipment.  as a result the colloidal particles in the water collide, absorb and gradually form alum flowers of a certain size. therefore the vast majority of alum flowers are trapped in the sedimentation tank.



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